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Pixation's Services

    Weddings, Educational & Commercial Events, Music Videos, Private Parties, Graduations, Baptisms, Church  Services,  Memorial Services,  Personal Interviews and Life Stories,, these are all projects and events that can be captured, preserved and shared in photos, video & audio.  Whatever your need, give Pixations a call.

   Weddings:  click here to view a bonus slideshow of photos and video we produced for Marc & Lisa from their wedding on the Argosy Cruise ship, including photos from their honeymoon in Hawaii.  Photodex Presenter Plugin required,, ( it's free, safe, and easy to install ).

   Click here, to view footage of the wedding of Andre & Carly. 

   Music Videos:   Click Here to see the body of work we have established in the area of music videos.

   Since music is truly an art form, we view the production of music videos in the same light.  We use multiple camera views, experienced cameramen, additional lighting when necessary, and multi-track simultaneous audio recording to produce music videos you would be proud to see and promote.

   Memorial Services:   The passing of a loved one is a time to celebrate life, and a life lived, these are also times to capture timeless and magical moments,  testimonies of friends & family,  music.  Video can also capture these moments and memories to help preserve them in our hearts forever.  Click Here

   Church Services & Special Events:  Click Here
   For a competitive quote for your photo or video project, ( we do websites too )
   please call or write Ron.

   (425) 444 ~ 5267 Cell